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Paint Spraying
Air Brushing Guide air brushing step by step guide Paint Spraying Step by Step Guide paint spraying step by step guide

Air Brushing

Learning to use an air brush is easy. Whether using a single action or a dual action airbrush all you need to do is to press the trigger and air from the compressor will make your paint flow through the airbrush. With a little practice you will achieve fantastic results.

To become proficient in the use of your airbrush, reference books and training videos are available together with all the necessary accessories including paints and cleaning materials.

versatile airbrush set Versatile Airbrush Set
precision airbrush set Precision Airbrush Set
airbrush kit Airbrush Kit

Spray Painting

By using the paint spray gun you can easily achieve professional 'brush mark free' results using all types of paints, stains wood washes and lacquers on lots of household items. 

Any material that can be thinned to the correct consistency can be spray-painted and this usually includes Gloss paint, emulsion, varnish, acrylics, preservatives, enamels and water based products. 

Imagine spray-painting a radiator or a fire place a fence or your kitchen cabinet doors, you will be amazed how simple it is to achieve professional results enjoyably and quickly.

suction spray gun Suction Spray Gun
low pressure suction spray gun Low Pressure Suction Spray Gun
gravity spray gun Gravity Spray Gun  click to watch application video of the gravity fed spray gun
spraying & painting a car
badger air brushes
paint spraying, air compressors, power tools, pro tools- buy online UK and Worldwide
model air brushing