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ABAC compressors for D.I.Y

While many users think compressed air is associated with industry and workshops, the air compressor is becoming more and more part of the range of equipment available to the DIY enthusiast. Air Compressors produce an alternative form of energy, which is safe to use, clean, versatile and portable.

Some manufacturers have been able to make quality compressors and accessories, which are compact in size, easy to use and very economical. Furthermore the range of accessories and applications is increasing all the time, and air tools are now becoming an increasingly valid alternative to electrical tools, and offer quality, performance and reliability at a very affordable price.

new airbrushing guideCompressed air is an alternative form of energy. It will expand back to its original volume thus producing energy that can be used to run tools and equipment. It is safe and easy to use.

Take a look and see where you can find a use for a compressorů


Compressed Air

The Compressor is a machine that compresses air by reducing its volume and increasing its pressure. The compressor usually uses a pump run by an electric motor that will compress the air. The compressed air is produced by means of a piston and flows through a directional valve either to be stored in a receiver or used to power air tools and/or accessories. A pressure switch is used to turn the compressor ON and OFF and while in the ON position it will make the compressor start automatically when the air pressure is too low and stop it when it reaches the set pressure. A regulator and a gauge allow adjustment of the outlet flow of air.

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