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Painting Techniques

General information - www.info-central.org/finishing_spraycan.shtml

Information on preparing surfaces & painting techniques - www.diydata.com


hammerite paints Hammerite Paints - www.hammerite.com

A very useful web site giving detailed information on the types of paints, and advice on all types of DIY tasks.

Working on your Car

An American website, with info on Collector Cars. Gives techniques on:

1. How to fix paint chips
2. Getting the old paint off
3. Preparing for paint
4. Applying Paint



DIY Web Sites

diy data UK DIY web site - www.diydata.com

Has a community Forum

do it yourself American web site loaded with useful information - www.doityourself.com

Has a community Forum. Air Compressors link

Home Improvement Directory Home Improvement Directory - www.home-improvement-directory.co.uk

Lists home improvement companies in your local area through the UK and Ireland.


DIY Forums:

Home Repair and Remodeling Forum
Discussion community for home remodeling, renovation and repair. Also general discussion on topics such as insurance, buying/selling and more - http://www.houserepairtalk.com



Business Links:

UK Business Directory
A useful directory of UK business and company websites. - http://www.business-directory-uk.co.uk/


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