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Paint Spraying - Airlines/Filters/Couplings
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Hoses  Filters & Water Traps
Regulators   Connectors

When deciding on the type of hose, filtration and connections the location of the compressor, safety, quality of air and speed of connecting equipment need to be taken into consideration.


There are different types of hoses available for compressed air.

Always make sure that the hose has a rating which is equal to or higher than the maximum pressure of the compressor. Standard compressed air hoses are usually rated at 10 Bar. Find Out More hoses

Note: Never use hoses not rated for compressed air.

A simple 10m coil hose or flexible rubber hose would be ideal for use with a small direct drive compressor when operating a spray gun for fence panels, decking etc. Longer hoses would be required when undertaking spray tasks using a larger compressor as the compressor cannot always be located close to the spray area.

regulators Regulators

A regulator is fitted as standard on a portable compressors and available as an optional on larger units. This will enable the pressure of the compressed air to be adjusted in line with recommended pressure of the particular spray gun or air tool being used. Find Out More regulators

Filters & Water Traps

Extra filtration to remove oil and water can be added to the system when better quality of air is required such as car panel spraying or professional finishes. When purchasing a small oil free unit the oil content is nil and the standard regulator is suitable for spraying most domestic materials such as fence guard, emulsions, deck seals, etc.


Quick connector couplings are a very useful addition to any compressed air system as it allows for the speedy and safe changing of air tools. It will stop the air escaping when the hose is disconnected.

For example, changing from an air blow gun (dusting of spray surface) to the spray gun is achieved in seconds, safely.
 Find Out More connectors