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Car and Garage

Important: always wear the necessary safety equipment and clothing when using air compressors and accessories referring to the manufacturers instructions. Always take care when using paint or other materials and pay attention to the manufacturers instructions. Always make certain in the area that you are working that items that may be damaged are protected.

Compressed air can be used to tackle hundreds of jobs around the garage from using an air-dusting gun for cleaning the filter on the car engine to the use of air tools for removing wheels and of course spray painting car panels or for that matter a complete car.

Here are a few examples of what you can do in the garage using an air compressor.

assembly tools  Assembly Tools
cutting, drilling & chiselling  Cutting, Drilling & Chiselling
grinding & sanding  Grinding & Sanding
sand blasting gun  Sand Blasting Gun
riveter kit  Riveter Kit

car garage compressors
do it yourself
car maintenace tools